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Oklahoma Realtors
Honest | Family-Owned | Excellent 

Partner with a real estate agency that is built on integrity, experience, & friendliness.

You won't be disappointed. 


You are treated like family, you’re apart of our community and your goals matter to us.

We believe that home and land ownership are apart of the American dream and we are passionate to apply our years of experience and cumulative knowledge as

Oklahoma Realtors to guide you toward seeing that great dream realized.


Let’s work together!

Our Service Areas

Whether you want to sell or buy your home, ranch or land, we work in the following cities in Oklahoma...


A midwestern small town, with a charm that seems almost fictional.


Newcastle is a fast growing community where metropolitan amenities meet small town living.


Moore is the seventh largest city in OK and is part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area


Tuttle is apart of the rapidly growing Grady County, with a population of 6,019. 

Oklahoma City

As the capitol of Oklahoma state, OKC is Oklahoma's largest metropolitan area


Goldsby is a town in McClain County and is home to the second largest casino in OK. 


Named after the first President, Washington, OK is a small town in McClain County.


Mustang city is primarily known as a bedroom community outside of Oklahoma City.


Home of the University of Oklahoma, Norman is the third largest city in the state.


Known as the "Heart of Oklahoma", Purcell is the county seat of McClain County, Oklahoma.


Lindsay is located in Garvin County with deep historical roots & a thriving oilfield industry.


Bordered on the west by the Candian River,  Lexington is a small town in Clevland County


This city, located in Grady County, was named for and strongly connected to its Native American heritage.

Real estate doesn’t have to be frustrating.

Don’t get us wrong - real estate is a process. There are numerous moving parts, a few of which include finding and working with a Realtor you trust, listing or viewing properties, making wise financial decisions, negotiating contracts, making offers, home inspections and so much more. There is much to know about real estate and people can feel intimidated by all the pieces and the gravity of their decisions. It’s a big deal, we agree.


But it doesn’t have to be as frustrating or uncharted as you may think!


We work hard to keep it straight-forward for you, guiding you toward the best decisions for you, easing your stress and taking care of the details from start to finish. It’s what we do best.

The right Oklahoma Realtor makes all the difference.


Real estate is a fast-paced, expansive market and whomever you choose to be your Realtor will greatly affect your experience and outcome. Integrity and honesty are cornerstones to Keith Home Team in our approach with our clients and in every-day life.


So when we work with you, you can trust we're providing the best service, effort, expertise,

and care - as if we were listing or buying a home for our own mother.



You're our priority.

Here are a few things that set us apart.

Whether you're trying to buy land, partner with a Realtor to find your dream home or sell your home, you have a lot of options. So here are a few things that make Keith Home Team a great partner in your real estate goals.


You are not just a transaction.

Real estate is one of the many things that make living in this free country great, and home and land ownership are apart of the American dream. We love to help people bring those dreams to life. We’re also passionate about sustainable living and homesteading ourselves and want to help our clients achieve their homesteading goals wherever they live: from small inner-city homes to large ranch operations.

We are a team.

Since real estate has many moving parts, we use a team approach to make sure no process gets dropped. From our buying and listing agents that work directly with clients to our closing coordinator who make sure the process from contract to closing goes smoothly, to our marketing coordinator who makes sure all our ads for selling property are sharp and visible, we cover every front. We use our vast cumulative knowledge from years of experience to guide our clients toward their goals and help them save money, struggle, and headaches along the way.

We practice what we preach.

As real estate investors, we've bought and sold many of our own properties over the years and understand each side of the business. We have felt the same pains as our clients and know each challenge which lets us empower you to make the right choice for you.

We'll never pressure you into making a decision that's not good for you.

We want what you want.

How it works

Give us a call

This lets us know you’re interested.

From there, we’ll set up a meeting to get to know you, your goals and to let you see if we’re the right fit for you.

We'll meet you

Personal meetings are key. We like to sit down with you face to face and discuss your real estate desires. This also allows both parties to gauge the character of the other and decide if we all want to work together.

Make a plan

We build a plan of action to achieve your goals, answer all the questions you may have and use our top producing team and experience to make it happen.

Make it happen

We stay in touch and keep you up to date on the progress as we continue working toward your dreams.

Ready to begin?

Are you ready to buy or list your home in Oklahoma? Do you have questions?


You can reach us at 405-485-4461 or request a call below.

We're excited to talk to you!

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