Our Team!

I enjoy long walks on the beach and red roses by the armful said me NEVER!  When I'm not moving and shaking with our real estate business you can find me occupied with one of my many hobbies from homesteading/permaculture, mixed martial arts, hunting, foraging and kayaking to hanging with my two favorite girls in the world.  Did I mention I love my job?  Raised on a cattle ranch and watermelon farm, my childhood was spent building a hard work ethic and exploring the outdoors.  Since 2005 I've owned and managed our real estate brokerage where we help others buy and sell homes & land and we operate a real estate investing company that focuses on acquiring and rehabilitating dilapidated houses into homes.   Lets have fun at work, life is too short not to enjoy what you do...

Derik Keith

Branch Broker / Team Leader

Residential, Land & Ranch Specialist

Glutton for punishment! I’ve been doing this real estate thing now for about 10 years. I am one of the lucky few who get to be a business owner and employer, teacher, therapist, marriage counselor,  babysitter, mind reader, paper pusher, and so much more. I love getting to meet new people and have the opportunity to be a part of what is usually one of the largest investments people make in their lives.

When I’m not exuding awesome realtor vibes and just out being me I love to hang out with my family (which often times includes the Keith Home Team fam) and open to embrace whatever adventures arise, from projects at the homestead to kayaking, hiking, traveling or whatever comes my way. Then there is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Crys Keith

Co-Owner / Manager of Keith Home Team


No, my name is not spelled wrong... In fact, it is the only way you should spell the name "Caleab." Just kidding. I've been told many times there is never a dull moment in the life of being Caleab, but hey at least its a good time. If I'm not working on a car or playing with my 6-year-old son, you'll find me using my IT expertise, drinking some tea, singing along to every song I hear playing, and being in high demand for my help with pretty much everything... In fact, I think I hear my name being called right now....


Caleab Jackson

Buyer's Agent/ Marketing Coordinator


I love my job because I love meeting new people every day! After graduating from Oklahoma State, I knew Real Estate was the best career choice for me. My enthusiasm for helping others find their dream home helps me connect with clients and provide them with the best service possible. When I'm not assisting my real estate clients, you will probably find me at Grand Lake or on a mountain in Colorado!

Cara Sides

Buyer's Agent

Born and raised by simple country living. I am a Jesus loving woman who loves to be outdoors fishing, hunting and taking as many trips to the lake with my loving husband and amazing three kids. Love making great family memories when life gives the chance to do so. I am very active in my small community, Church, and my kids' sports. Whether that is team mom coaching from the sidelines when I'm not suppose to lol or coaching my own team ( yes I actually coach my own team whether that's basketball or cheer). I was always raised on the quote" dance through life like no one is watching" well.. I love to dance. lol.. My favorite Bible verse would be, The Lord will fight for you, if only thy stand still. Exodus 14:14


Sheri Philips

Buyers Agent


Antonio Munoz

Closing Coordinator

Who am I? Not Batman, not William Wallace but that ever-faithful Alfred and a bit crazy friend that will be there to suit you up to fight the next threat to Gotham or stand by your side when the arrows come flying down.  A Closing Coordinator whose focus is to serve the awesome Keith Home Team and our clients. To ensure the smoothest transaction and best buying or selling experience for all.  It does not matter what may come we will find a solution, together.  


How?  By incorporating 14 years of Quality Assurance experience and 10 years of Hospitality management experience into one focused objective; Ensure that our clients are well taken care of both through concise documentation (dotting of i's and crossing t's) and a commitment to be ready to listen closely to their wants and needs.  In a single sentence, what I enjoy most is to serve and serve well, in whatever capacity that may be.

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