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Oklahoma Real Estate Market Trends in 2020 vs Covid19

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

At the end of 2019, a sudden a silent enemy began to march across the globe. Most of us know this change as the novel coronavirus aka "Covid19," or SARS-CoV-2. At first this created changes that were for all intents and purposes considered to minor for some, and drastic for others.

As Covid19 began to ramp up across the globe, before any one knew it, the entire United States found out that these changes weren't going to be something that surfaced for a week and then disappeared forever.

Instead, these changes resulted in the millions of United States citizens realizing that the border was going to close to avoid the possibility of a global pandemic that was imminent.

As fast as 2020 roared to life, suddenly things were beginning to slow to a crawl for a majority of industries, and shutting the doors to many businesses. This in turn resulted in a variety of different predictions of how Covid19 would impact the housing market across the US, which was seeing one of its best years.

In particular, Oklahoma's real estate industry was on fire, and one might think that the global pandemic involving Covid19 would quickly extinquish those flames, as quickly as they began, however, it is quite the opposite.

Of course the unpredictable nature of Covid19 makes it difficult for any one to guess what could happen six weeks from now, let alone six months, however, at the Keith Home Team, we are focused to do what we can to help you make the best decision you can given the current situation at hand.

We hope that if you are looking to rent a house, buy some land, or sell your house that you'll take just a few minutes out of your day to take a look at the video below that we created to help answer a few of your questions.

And if you have any more, or are interested in taking a leap in 2020 please feel free to drop them in the comments, give us a call at (405)-485-4461 or jump on over to our contact page where we have a quick contact form created for your convenience.

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